Welcome to ZeeAFC. This website will be fully focused around Arsenal Football Club, bringing you blogs that will include previews and post-match analysis of games, as well as injury and transfers updates.


The blogs will mainly be an extended version of the tweets that you can find on the twitter account @ZeeAFC. Following the press conferences, updates by the club and other journalists, I will post fixture previews which will include a small analysis of the previous game(s), a detailed “what to expect” of the upcoming game, a potential line-up followed by a score prediction.


Please note that everything you will find on this website will be opinion-based and not direct communication from Arsenal Football Club itself, unless quoted otherwise. For Discussion and friendly debates, feel free to interact with the twitter account @ZeeAFC or contact us directly from this website.

Following a 1-0 victory away from home at Newcastle last week, the gunners will look to build on that performance as they face Burnley at home on Saturday. Summary of the Newcastle game: It was a difficult game away from home as we were missing a lot of first team players due to injuries, fitness and security reasons. The first half …